Sysdigitized is one of the projects that combines all of our skills in one, which is why we decided to write a little blog about this project here.

At a time when digitization is taking its course, self-sufficient life on water is also becoming more and more technitized. This means not only increased power consumption but also higher demands on the networking and computer technology on board.
Life on board the SY Staatenlos also means working, producing content and giving an interview.
We have put together a complex system of 2 microcomputers and several network components to meet these requirements. With this, the board electronics and all marine data can be collected, but it also ensures that the various Internet services (Starlink, Sim-LTE, Satellite) are bundled on board in a WiFi for the owner and guests. Of course, this type of technology also offers the option of integrating a cloud in the intranet and a multimedia system, which we couldn’t ignore. We are also renewing the entire board electronics and upgrading from AGM to LIFEPO4 batteries. This system is monitored by several Victron sensors as well as in-house developments in order to guarantee the best possible safety and running time of the components. We also build in a 2-way circuit to have a backup in case a part has overvoltages or errors.

You will soon find out which steps and tasks are behind it here in the blog.

Also in our social media channels which you can find below.

We are also planning a wiki because we are working on an open source basis.